Super Sour Space

*USDA Certified Organic Flower*

Super Sour Space Candy is the silver lining of 2020. Amid chaos and unknowns, a superior line of excellent genetics and strains rose up to save the day and SUPER Sour Space Candy was born. This flower comes with thick resinous buds that exhibit a dark green hue busting with trichomes and deliver an out-of-this-world extreme sweet lemon pine and sour cherry flavor. It provides a soothing effect on chaotic minds which results in a wonderful carefree aura that will follow you throughout your day

*2020 Harvest*

Aged Cannabis is now being sought after due to its ability to turn THC into CBN. CBN works well for relieving pain, inflammation, and lowering anxiety. The CBN helps you get a good night’s sleep without feeling drowsy in the morning.





  • Sour Cherry Sour Cherry
  • Sweet Lemon Pie Sweet Lemon Pie

Therapeutic Effects:

  • Joyful Joyful
  • Social Social
  • Carefree Carefree

Dominant Terpenes:

Terpinolene, Myrcene, Humulene- Super Sour Space

Not all heroes wear capes and not only does this one have a higher concentration of CBD (17.09%) and Terpenes (35 mg/g), but if you thought our original Sour Space Candy was the world for you, this strain will take it a notch higher. This flower comes with thick resinous buds that exhibit a dark green hue busting with trichomes and deliver an out of this world extreme sweet lemon pine and sour cherry flavor.

Our SUPER Sour Space Candy is a must-try. It burns with a strong and pungent smoke, which delivers a joyful, social, and carefree feeling that will help you melt away the day’s stress. It is the perfect daytime Sativa dominant hybrid. You can also rest easy knowing that the strain’s beneficial terpenes; Terpinolene, Myrcene, and Humulene, will banish any lingering inflammation and anxiety in your body.

All of our flower is Certified Organic by the United States Departments of Agriculture. Which means we do not allow any non organic ingredients or any other non organic hemp flower into our facility.

Our farm is based in beautiful Southern Oregon where we are striving to produce the highest quality CBD products. Specializing in slow cured, smokable artisan hemp flower. We do our best to selectively harvest the flower at the perfect level of maturity.

All of our flower is harvested by hand, hung to air dry and then laid to rest until fully cured. Our slow curing process captures the true flavor and delivers an exceptional aromatic experience. Each flower is then hand trimmed and carefully placed in our air tight, child proof jars. We are forever grateful to be able to share our passion with our friends, family and the world


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Our promise to you

All of our flower is grown organically without pesticides or any synthetic fertilizers! This ensures a consistent quality product every time! We hand harvest at the perfect maturity and then slow cure the flowers to release the flowers full effect. Expect a smooth long lasting flavor. All of our products have been 3rd party lab tested to ensure that you are receiving the therapeutic benefits of CBD that you deserve!



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