Who We Are ?

Grateful Beginnings is a small farm with a big heart! We are located in one of southern Oregon’s beautiful river valleys.

At Grateful Beginnings we care tremendously about what goes into our products. Our background ranges from working on the family farm, to growing rare and delicate orchids, to simply spending time in our own personal gardens, we believe our differences will help produce clean and well balanced organic hemp flower.

We will always strive to bring our customers the cleanest and freshest product on the market!


Why Everybody Love Our Flowers

Premium Quality

We are a family-owned farm dedicated to sourcing the best CBD rich hemp flower. We work closely with small farms to ensure that we bring you the very best  experience in hemp flower.

3rd Party Lab Tested

All of our hemp flower for sale is third-party, lab tested and each order is accompanied by a certificate of analysis to ensure premium quality and a delta 9 THC content of less than 0.3%

Organic Practices

All of our CBD rich flower is grown using all organic farming practices. All soil amendments are organic certified and no chemical herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used.


We use innovative methods in farm to ensure the finest quality available in the market. All of our CBD Hemp Flower are lab tested to ensure quality and compliance with federal laws.

Small Batch

All of our hemp bud is slow dried, 60 day-cured and hand trimmed similar to traditional high THC cannabis strains for the highest quality product and the most enjoyable experience possible.

Hand Trimmed.

The premier source of CBD Flower available online. All of our hemp flower is grown organically, slow cured and hand trimmed.

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With a 13.6% content and resonant notes of spiced earth and citrus, the enlivened calm that Lifter delivers makes it a go-to strain for all day relaxation while keeping a clear head. Lifter is a perfect choice for the next time you need a little creative lift without losing the spring in your step.


Delivery will start from November.

Special Sauce


Special Sauce is a great end-of-day, relaxing strain with tasting notes of candy and lemon and a CBD content of 16.33%. Flexing with nose and flavor, these smokable hemp buds are a CBD rich powerhouse, perfect for the hemp flower enthusiast.


Delivery will start from November.

Sour Space Candy


Resonant notes of sour candy and lemongrass run through these dense smokable hemp buds. With a CBD content of 14% and a reputation for a balanced relaxation, Sour Space Candy is a great daytime strain when you’re looking for an enlivened calm.


Delivery will start from November.

How To Make An Order?

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  • 5. Receive your order & enjoy!

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