What Are CBD Tinctures And How To Use Them?

CBD is becoming increasingly popular in the market today with oils, gummies and tinctures.  Moreover, doctors in the USA have found CBD tinctures beneficial in treating disorders like panic attacks, anxiety, and depression, among many such mental illnesses. And thus, they are recommending people diagnosed with such illnesses to use CBD to treat the negative effects.

CBD or cannabidiol, is one of the many ingredients that is found in the Hemp (Cannabis) Plant.

This, in essence, distinguishes pure CBD from cannabis or weed, which contain a high percentage of THC.

The World Health Organization have released a report on positive health benefits of CBD and deducted any doubts regarding its negative effects. Anyhow, if you are here, then you most likely want to use CBD tinctures and experience their benefits too. So let’s get straight into it.

CBD Tinctures Vs CBD Oil?

Many people confuse CBD oil with CBD tinctures. As a result, they often mistakenly pick up tinctures in place of oils or vice versa when their health guru recommends them to get either. The reason could be attributed to the lack of information in the market. In addition to that, many CBD product sellers don’t know the difference between the two, too.

And as a result, many novice buyers are using the terms interchangeably. Moreover, they also end up buying the wrong product without their knowledge. So what makes CBD oil and tinctures different from each other?

The answer lies in the way manufacturers extract them. Even though both the oil and tinctures are sourced from the hemp plant, CBD oil is extracted using Carbon dioxide, while tinctures using different types of bases.

How Do Grateful Beginnings Extract CBD Tinctures?

In Grateful Beginnings farm, the farmers grow hemp plants organically without any harmful pesticides or artificial fertilizers. This guarantees quality CBD products consistently. They focus on harvesting the flowers carefully with their hands, not machines, like other manufacturers do.

Moreover, once the plants reach maturity, the farmers slow cure the hemp plant’s flowers to get their complete benefit. Primarily, they use two ingredients in their tincture which are Coconut MCT oil and CBD distillate.

Grateful Beginnings CBD tinctures stand apart in terms of high quality as the farmers extract the CBD directly from the flowers. Whereas, most manufacturers use an entire plant which contains contamination and dilutes the benefits of CBD tinctures.

On the other hand, extracting from the flower results in high potency CBD which makes every drop count.

What Is The Dosage Of CBD Tinctures And How To Use Them?

CBD tinctures come in small tinted glass bottles with droppers, much like a regular medicine bottle. Make sure your seller is giving your CBD in a colored tinted glass bottle for two reasons. One, the UV rays of the sun will degrade the CBD tincture over a period of time. Second, using glass keeps the tincture in good condition for a long time owing to a lack of oxygen exposure.

CBD Tinctures

As a first time user of CBD tincture, experts recommend only using a tiny bit or less than 0.5 ml of the liquid. Then, once you begin using it, keep increasing it as you see fit. Moreover, you must use tinctures by dropping the liquid under your tongue.

It takes about forty-five minutes to an hour for your blood vessels to absorb the CBD and show its effect on your body. Furthermore, the effect lasts for about six to eight hours at one go.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CBD Tinctures?

CBD tincture is a plant-based medicine for treating problems and illnesses like:

  • Insomnia
  • Epilepsy
  • Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
  • Chronic pains
  • Chronic anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Inflammation

Where Can You Buy High-Quality CBD Tinctures?

If you plan to get a bottle of CBD tincture for yourself, it is better to buy it from trusted sources. One of the trusted places to buy CBD tinctures is through online vendors. For example, Grateful Beginnings Farm sells Certifed Orgainc CBD well blended with Limolene and is 100% safe to use.

CBD tincture

When taking CBD tinctures without a doctor’s supervision, it is best to take small dosages. Unsupervised dosages may cause severe side effects like liver damage, slow brain activity and drowsiness.

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