Vape Cartridges: A Comprehensive Guide 101

The rising demand for CBD and its positive effects on human health is changing the face of vaping. Vape cartridges are convenient, quick, and easy to use, making them one of the top choices to consume CBD oil.

It is easy to confuse vape cartridges as an e-cigar as they both come under the same product category. In fact, many people confuse vape cartridges with e-cigar and similar products. But there are specific nuances that distinguish one from the other.

As CBD and its products are still very new in the market, you need to educate yourself as much as possible so as not to get fooled or affect your health negatively. A vape cartridge is an ideal product for both beginners and experienced CBD users.

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What Are Vape Cartridges And How To Use Them?

Vape cartridges are pre-filled glasses that are no bigger than a regular fountain pen. They are filled with CBD oil or cannabis and come with an attached battery. Earlier, these liquids contained THC, but nowadays, more manufacturers have reduced the ratio to 1:1.

You can use a vape cartridge by pressing a button on it. This powers an atomizer in the cartridge and heats it. Furthermore, this heat is transferred to the pre-filled CBD liquid, and it releases a cloud of smoke that contains various components and gives you the effect of relaxation.

Depending on which type of vape cartridge you have, some allow you to change the temperature as you want. Some cartridges are 510-threaded ones which are very common, as well as Pax Era Pods and Airo Pro oil.

How Does Vaping CBD Work Through Vape Cartridges?

Vaping CBD is the fastest way of absorbing the CBD oil in your body as it directly reaches the lungs and helps you calm down. A user can simply press the button on the vape cartridge and bring it closer to their nose.

Wait for a while as the coil in the battery gets heated and thereby heat the Cannabis oil. The oil, in turn, forms fumes that the user can inhale directly through their nose.

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What Is the Dosage Of CBD In Vape Cartridges?

Vaping CBD oil is a safe way to consume it, but manufacturers and health professionals warn against overconsumption. In a vape cartridge, every puff contains 1ml of CBD liquid. Therefore, we would suggest you to start inhaling one puff at a time and see how it affects your body and mind.

If nothing much happens as you expected, you can go to two puffs and wait for a few hours for the effects. However, it would be best not to overconsume given the temptation of its positive effects on the mind.

Grateful Beginnings Farm Special Sauce Vape Cartridges

Grateful Beginnings is a beautiful organic farm located in Oregon that grows hemp plants for CBD products. It is a home-grown CBD farm that delivers clean and quality products while practicing organic farming for a better world.

Vape Cartridges

Special Sauce Vape Cartridge is one of their CBD products that is entirely free from THC. This alone is one of the main reasons any newbie or health-conscious CBD user should choose Grateful Beginnings. Furthermore, their special sauce is manufactured with organic terpenes extracted from their special sauce flowers.

Priced only at $45, the vape cartridge comes in two delightful flavors: Juniper Berries and Lemon Diesel. Each 1ml vape cartridge contains 550 mg of CBD that makes you feel euphoric, light, and motivated.

Caution: Special Sauce Vape Cartridge is not approved by the FDA and might not give you a green signal at a drug test. Therefore, the manufacturers do not recommend using it before you go for a drive or work. Moreover, please keep it away from children and pregnant women.

Why Should You Use Special Sauce Vape Cartridge From Grateful Beginnings Only?

Unlike other manufacturers in the market, Grateful beginnings focus on the health of their customers and extract CBD from their organic farm. Their vape sauce does not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides that may affect your health adversely. In addition, their CBD liquid offers several benefits like anti-oxidants and anti-irritants.


Vaping CBD oil has many benefits like aiding in calming down your nervous system, pain relief, promoting sleep, and improving your mood. It is important to vape CBD in limited puffs and not get overwhelmed with the ease of use. However, one cannot deny the portability and functionality of vape pens.